"Dial-Multiline phones for half-automatic PBX"
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System overview: Two way stations Schema Schema
1914 Catalog number: 6060 6070
In 1914 the production of automatic exchanges had progressed so far that marketing could begin. The outbreak of World War 1 interrupted
this development. The first automatic exchange of the Fuld company came on the market in the year 1922.

1924 Catalog number: 5813 5814 5814MF 5816 5817MF 5818MF 5825/26/30/31 5835/36 5827/33
Circuit number: AS-300/1a AS-300/1a AS-300/11a AS-300/3a AS-300/13a AS-300/14a AS-300/1a AS-300/1a AS-300/1a
Circuit number: AS-300/3a AS-300/3a AS-300/3a
1924 Catalog number: 5837 5850/51/52/53 1925 Catalog number: 5839/42/43 1928 Catalog number: 5839
Circuit number: AS-300/4a AS-300/1a AS-300/4a AS-300/4a
Circuit number: AS-300/3a AS-300/1a
Circuit number: AS-300/3a
1932 Catalog number: 7810/11/12/13 7820/21/22/23 7820
Circuit number: AS-300/1a AS-300/4a
System overview: Three way stations Schema
1924 Catalog number: 5819MF 5838 1925 Catalog number: 5844
Circuit number: AS-300/15a AS-300/5a AS-300/5a